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With us as your Google CSS Partner you save 20% on Google Shopping immediately.

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20% more profit from Google Shopping with Google CSS

20% less CPC on Google Shopping

Make the switch and immediately save around 20% CPC on Google Shopping.

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Don´t need a 20% discount anymore? You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Only €39 per Month

Use our Google CSS free of charge for 30 days, after that it is only €39 / month.

  • Google Shopping CSS Partner

Get your Google CSS Shopping Boost now

With our Google CSS, you go into the auction on Google Shopping with 20% higher bids. Without paying a cent more.

The result: more impressions, more clicks, more customers and more sales.

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After that only  € 39 / month

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  • Available in every Country

One Google Shopping CSS for all of Europe is a certified Google CSS partner for: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

Try our CSS it free for 30 days
After that only € 39 / month

  • More Clicks, more Conversions, less Cost

Your competitive advantage with a CSS Partner

Our Google Shopping CSS increases the competitiveness of your online shop. Give every euro of your valuable budget the full power.

Maximize the reach and sales of your online shop now.

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After that only  € 39 / month

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Get your Google Shopping CSS Discount now

By eliminating the commission, you can now buy clicks on Google Shopping with a full 100% of your ad spend, significantly increasing your sales through Google Shopping. Your click prices no longer include commissions, which helps you lower costs or more clicks in the long run.

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After that, only € 39 / month

  • Save 20% of your Budget

Our Google Shopping CSS pays for itself

For only € 39 per month you save around 20% on your Google Shopping budget.

From € 200 monthly Google Shopping, your savings exceed costs. What are you waiting for?

Try it free for 30 days
After that, only  € 39 / month

  • Behind the Google CSS Hype

Why use a Google Shopping CSS?

In the wake of 27th June, when the European Union fined Google for their breaches with the EU antitrust laws, Google allowed access to the shopping ads in Google search to competing comparison shopping services.

To ensure compliance with the antitrust laws, Google is now incentivising competition by offering a shopping spend discount of 20% when retailers advertise on competing comparison sites.

Try it free for 30 days
After that, only € 39 / month

  • 90 Days No Risk Trial

Try our Google Shopping CSS for free

When you sign up for our CSS, you can test us 3 months without charge.

Experience how your Shopping Campaigns more competitive, and ROAS and Revenue increase before paying a single month subscription fee.

There is no risk, no hassle, no questions asked if you cancel.

Try it free for 30 days
After that, only € 39 / month

  • Check Out the Video

How onlineshops can benefit from a Google CSS Partner