Finding the right CSS Partner and making the switch

You can find eligible CSS partners on Google’s Comparison Shopping Partners portal. Filter by one or more countries, industries, or supported languages to find CSSs that fit your specific needs. You can also set filters to search for [...]

EU fines Google 2.42 billion euros

The European Commission has fined Google € 2.42 billion for violating EU antitrust rules. Google has abused its market dominance as a search engine by giving another Google product, its shopping comparison service, an illegal advantage. The [...]

Why online shops should rely on CSS partnerships

With Google's CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) model, advertisers have the opportunity to implement their shopping campaigns in cooperation with a price comparison portal. Why CSS partnerships are worthwhile for online shops and what needs to be considered. [...]

Google CSS: Full Switch or Association?

In order to display Google Shopping ads via a CSS partner, there are two options for converting an existing Google Shopping Europe account to CSS: Full Switch or Association. With a full switch, the advertiser's Merchant Center Account [...]